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Acknowledgements and Thanks:

A reply to Franz Kafka's question about the tyranny of “how to free myself and free the tremendous world I have in my head:” I am freed by the help, support, encouragement, love, and forgiveness of a tremendous community, by those who made it possible to bring my ideas to fruition--June Licence, Jim Whitlock, Jose Rodrigues, Brock Cole, my brother Kurt Amico, my sister Sally Plunkett, my Mom MaryAnne Amico, Mark Hoolihan, Mike Niman, Kara McLuckie, Aimee Goldberg, Joyce Bol, Anne Huiner, Susan Strickert, Karin Lowenthal, Carolyn Taggart, David Hamilton, Elaine Madsen, Dan Cross, George Besch, Jay Burney, Kevin Robert Dean, The Mount Saint Benedict Monastery,Veronica Francis, Ryan and Sherri Shultz, Alex Mead, Jack Hunter, Joann and Larry at Elmwood Print Out, Theia at Kinko's, Franklin LaVoie, Tim at Main Frame, Chuck Holden, Lynda Schneekloth, Shirley Chan, The Peace Education Fund, Women in Black, Judy Clonan-Smith at Unity Gallery,and all of my friends, family, colleagues, and clients who tolerated my absent-mindedness, lateness, lack of presence, anxiety, obsessiveness, and who were there when I needed either to be left alone or nurtured in their fine company, making real the possibility of a movement toward a “Heart Bound World.” Artists, especially studio artists, are often thought to work in isolation, apart from the context of community. But the people named above are testament to the creation of “conditions in which nourishment, sustenance, habitat, knowledge, freedom, and beauty can thrive.” My hope is that each and all will recognize themselves in Colette's reference to the imagery of “a bouquet, picked from the memories” of our collective dedication to the sacredness of that spirit and recognize these offerings as gratitude for what Starhawk declares is “our curiosity, our will, our courage, our silences, and our voices.”

Artist Statement
myths, lies, photos & action: a spiritmorph statement
Artist Statement- Recent Show
heron song: thoughts on time
Acknowledgement and Thanks
Credits and Inspirations

Image below: Love Song '97

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