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Thank your for visiting Spiritmorph Studio. Here you can find my blog, gallery of work, artist statement, information about my radio show titled "Radio Roxanne, where radio ROX the planet", contact information and links to important information.

Thank you!
Roxanne R. Amico


  • Time Short, Stakes High-#1-"XL Excess": listen
  • Radio Roxanne: Japan: As Crows Fly: listen
  • Day 91: bev’s take / our stake in the story: read
  • "BP is burning sea-turtles in the Gulf of Mexico...:" read
  • Radio Roxanne: "Oceans of Oil": listen
  • Radio Roxanne: "Questions from the Allegheny Forest": listen
  • Radio Roxanne: "Save Aaron!": listen
  • Radio Roxanne: "Women in Black-NYC-(Palestine & Israel)": listen
  • Radio Roxanne: "Winter Solstice '08": listen
  • Radio Roxanne: "Derrick Jensen & Radio Roxanne:  Premise One": listen
  • Radio Roxanne: "Where is the Water--PART TWO": listen
  • Radio Roxanne: "Where is the Water?": listen
  • Radio Roxanne: "Lowry, --->Tubman, & ---> Amin": listen
  • Radio Roxanne:  "goofing off on phone": listen
  • Radio Roxanne:  "5 Minutes on a Full Moon": listen
  • Art Show @ Bacchus starting on May 22, 2006. more info | opening night photos
  • Find out more at my blog! more info
  • Ongoing Art Shows. more info
  • Radio Roxanne Riot-in-a-Mic: "Stop Making the Bed!" -Tues., 6 Nov., 2007: listen
  • Radio Roxanne, Good People Gather, October 1, 2007: listen
  • Radio Roxanne, edition # 7 on Thursday, June 28, 2006: preview | listen
  • Radio Roxanne, edition # 6 on Sunday, November 19, 2006: more info | preview | promo | listen
  • Radio Roxanne, edition # 5 on Sunday, October 22, 2006: more info | listen
  • Radio Roxanne, edition # 4 on Saturday, September 23, 2006: more info | listen
  • Radio Roxanne, edition #3 on Saturday, August 19, 2006: more info | listen
  • Radio Roxanne, edition #2 on Saturday, July 22, 2006: more info
  • Radio Roxanne, inaugural edition where radio ROX the planet on air starting April 29, 2006. more info | listen

Image below: Handcraft. 1998

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