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Queen of Hearts '93

She '93

She Bleeds, She Lives '93

She [Who] Sees [Red] '94

Sings the Fossils Electric '94

Likes to Laugh And... '94

And Loves Women ' 95

Both Ends She Burns '95

In the Name of the Father, in the Name of the Daughter '95

Circle Casting '04

Eastern Sweep '04

Western Tide '04

Southern Exposure '04

Northern Bodies, '04

Hearthbound World '04

Know Evil ' 94

Land Kiss '06

Captive Author '97

Fruit Swap '97

Meant to B '97

In the Pink '97

Tree House '97

Love Song '97

Self Portrait in Patina Rose '98

Handcraft '98

Whatever Floats '98

Spiritmorph '00

And Loves Women '95
Original (framed): Sold to Private Collector

Thinking about women's historically diminished personhood, and a tribute to my deceased friend wanda.  also, using the portrait of another person is a way of acknowledging that self-portraiture is about who we are, and who we are is more than our individual lives, but is also about who we are in relationship to others.

Colors other than red began to bleed into the design of these three pieces, "Both Ends She Burns," "In the Name of the Father, in the Name of the Daughter," and "...And Loves Women." This is part of the series "Self Portraits in Reds," exploring the relationship of personal existence to the color red and explores the various meanings attached to the color red in our culture. Red is often interpreted as a color of anger and violence. This is a re-interpretation of meaning: Red as passion, as spirituality, as love, as personal power, as blood, and as a life-giving-force.

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