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The playlist (partial) for the coming Edition of Radio Roxanne is shaping up... Here's a peek, with other info below.: Jane Monheit, Tom Waits, IZ, (Hawaiian guy), and maybe even...some operatic daredevilling! (well, the anchor guest IS an opera singer...) More to come... If you haven't yet heard the latest online archived Edition (#5) of Radio Roxanne, hurry before you fall behind!!...: http://www.spiritmorphstudio.com/radioroxanne10-22-06.htm


Edition SIX of Radio Roxanne: SUNDAY--19 Nov--10am EST

Title: "Homegrown Harvest"

Since November is the start of the festive holiday season, often overloaded with massive consumption, this show will seek to celebrate the other meanings of harvest, humanized. Hopefully, we'll inspire a few images and stories about what home / home-coming and local harvests can mean despite the assault to our senses from commercialism...

--The "Planet Mover Portrait" will be with John Marohn, Buffalo author, retired teacher, and classical singer and recitalist. Marohn grew up in what was once known as the Tiorunda Projects in the 50's. He's finishing his first novel, __Tiorunda Stories__ and working on his second... We talked about what it was like to grow up in a ghetto and what he learned from mining his memories of childhood to write the book... John taught English and French at the high school and college levels and has been retired from Niagara County Community College for seven years after teaching at the college for thirty years. He specialized in African-American Literature and International Fiction, Film, and Cultural Studies over the years he taught at the college.

--The "Walk'nTalk" will be a sound collage / music mix made by yours truly, using the voices of the people I talked to during the freak storm which happened a few weeks ago, the sounds of my neighbors / friends Chaz and Riekeem reading from __The Little Prince__ about the Baobab trees and whether the sheep has eaten the flower... A sound-art piece that I didn't have time to do for the last show...

-- The "Vigil Watch"-- is a mystery so far, but it'll happen and be recorded for this edition soon...

--The "Riot-in-a-Mic": Guest-written / read by Jim Wittebols: A commentary about the process of figuring out where one belongs. Jim says he felt many times as a US citizen living in Canada that he really didn't belong in either country. He's drawn to redefine his activism by moving to a urban environment desperately in need of hope and energy. He's been excited by the number of groups in Detroit trying to provide just that, and gives his activism a direction he felt was lacking since leaving the US. The commentary also points out that Canadian politics can be just as conservative as ours--a new prime minister and intervention in Afghanistan and Haiti offer little contrast to Bush and the war in Iraq. Jim Wittebols, who many Western New Yorkers may remember taught at Niagara University and lived in Buffalo for 17 years, did commentary on WBFO for 12 years, called Against the Grain [ Says: "it wasn't always called against the grain and I can't nail the year down that it was called that..] He is currently Professor of Communication Studies at the Unversity of Windsor, living in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada, just outside of Windsor www. jameshwittebols. com He published two books on the culture and politics of televison: __Watching M*A*S*H, Watching America: A Social History of the 1972-1983 Television Series__ (McFarland Publishers, 1998) and __The Soap Opera Paradigm: Television Programming and Corporate Priorities__ (Rowman and LIttlefield, 2004). His current research focus is on promotional culture
(PR, advertising, political campaigns, celebrity publicists) and how it attempts to wrap people and ideas in an aura of authenticity. Purveyors of promotional culture try to appropriate non-material values like authenticity to sell ideas/products or promote some type of celebrity. The problem is media are inherently inauthentic--images are manufacutured, events are staged and what appears spontaneous and genuine is better thought of as smoke and mirrors. He looks forward to, by Spring next year, moving into a loft in Midtown Detroit, in a building which served as the sales and service center for Willy's Overlands--the forerunner of the jeep.

--Local music pick is the band Light Box Therapy, and stay tuned for more on the playlist over the next few weeks!

All this and more on Radio Roxanne, SUNDAY, 19 Nov, 2006 10am EST

.... Radio Roxanne, Where Radio Rox the Planet, with conversations from the streets of Buffalo and beyond, mapping the intersection of work and life, arts and politics, people and the planet...

Call 1-800-ROX-0715 for music requests, suggestions, comments, and questions...

Radio Roxanne needs sponsors, so let us know if you are interested in supporting independently produced radio! Stay tuned for more updates...

Though it's pre-recorded, it will stream in live time, so if you are not in Bflo and you're near a computer, you can hear it that day!

Handcraft '98
4.625" x5.75"
Original (framed):NOT FOR SALE

These are a series of mixed media collages that use found images such as postcards and greeting cards.

They are made in a stream-of- consciousness manner--In other words, I play with pre-existing images and, using paint, pencils, oils, pastels, etc., create new images. The result surprises me and the titles often arrive in the same stream-of-consciousness way as the images...

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