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Happy Solstice!  Solstice is my favorite anti-holiday.  After today, the days become brighter, longer.  I can feel it in my body...  The sun's energy revitalizing, renewing, and realizing...  As I write this, there is another winter storm outside my window, through which visibility is almost a complete white-out, and a moment ago, a flock of pigeons circled the roof of the house across from me.  We got about 8-10 inches of snow on Friday, and today there'll be a few more.  Yay!  After I post this, I'm going for a walk in the blinding wind and snow--I love weather!!  (Don't worry, I'll wear a scarf! ;)

This post is a link to a short (2 minute, 12 second) audio piece produced yesterday, to commemorate the Solstice.  More info below.... 

It was inspired by an invitation I got from audio artist Brenda Hutchinson.  For the past year, one of her projects has been "dailybell2008",  which "...  is a year long project dedicated to the observation of the sun every time it crosses the horizon and to sharing the awareness of that moment with others. Beginning on Monday evening December 31, 2007, at 4:59 PST, Brenda Hutchinson will ring a bell everyday at sunrise and sunset for the entire year of 2008. She invites others to join her wherever you may be and to post to the blog if you wish..." 

Last month, she posted an invitation to other artists & audio producers to participate in "The December Sunwatch", by producing a 1-3 minute piece.  This is my 2 minute, 12 second contribution.  It will air today (Sunday, the 21st of December), at Noon (Eastern Standard Time), at this internet radio stationhttp://www.free103point9.org/  But--Don't worry if you can't listen at Noon!  You can find it posted at my website, or in Brenda's  dailybell2008 archives http://dailybell2008.blogspot.com/2008/12/december-sunwatchers-audio-archive.html  There is list on the blog http://dailybell2008.blogspot.com/2008/11/december-sunwatching-on-radio.html of all participants who have or will be sending in their recordings of a sunrise or sunset they recently witnessed. It's an exciting list of people and a lot of fun to hear what it's like in different parts of the world everyday.

I did this recording with my friend Heather Kuhn, at 4:44 pm, at Delaware Park, in Buffalo NY, on Saturday, the 20th of December.  As soon as I was invited to contribute, wild ideas arrived, which changed a lot over the month.  By the time Saturday arrived, I realized that what finally came of the 1-3 minutes was not in my control.  It took us three hours to produce this 2 minute piece.  It changed shape constantly, even in the moment of the sunset, and even up to the last minute of editing and assembling. Ultimately, I think of it as a Nova example of the creative process!  It was something that came from the sun, the wind, the trees, the muse, my friendship with Heather and other friends, the cold, the snow, the time of day, the light, the dark, the time, the time, the time.... 

Solstice!!! May the coming year, for all of us, be populated by the voices of the wilderness telling us how to liberate the planet and our bodies and all of us who inhabit it, from the prison of civilization!!

Many thanks to Brenda Hutchinson http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brenda_Hutchinson for her project, and for her invitation!


* * *
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