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Radio Roxanne, "5 Minutes on a Full Moon".

There's a picture inserted in the body of this post, at the end...

This post is one piece of what I've been working on for several weeks....  A five minute sample of Radio Roxanne.  (Actually, it's four minutes and fifty-nine seconds...) As I write that sentence, I'm partly thinking, "You're kidding, right?  I've been working for several weeks on something that's five minutes in completion time????"

Heh.  Uh-Huh...  Think of it as a sort of "Best Of"!

I'm submitting it as part of an application for acceptance into a week long intensive workshop with some seasoned audio artists and radio producers.  This sort of sample is something I intended to do for a long time, and something every radio host and independent producer should have, (regardless of a panel's scrutiny), but I never did, until now.

It was so much fun to do!!!!  Essentially, it's a compression of approximately 7.5 hours of finished work into five minutes.  I always thought it would be painful to do this:  To sort through hundreds of hours worth of work, listen, and make hard choices about what's worth the scrutiny of a panel of "deciders"...  Instead, it was actually exciting...   But first, a look at the math:

1.  It took me 30 hours to pull this little 5 minute sample together, in approximately 1 month
2.  I listened repeatedly to 7.5 hours of audio files / full shows to choose representative stuff, ( while taking notes along the way, while scrubbing toilets, and paying bills, and bringing home the bread...)
3.  It's pretty much guaranteed that each 1 minute takes 1 hour to compose:  copy, paste, edit, assemble, etc....
4.  Of course, there was the prerequisite computer pain in the meantime that probably cost me more time than it would have, if things were "normal" instead of things being troubled by computer pain.  (But:  What the heck does that mean, since computers cause pain anyway, so it's "normal" to factor in the time those sorts of glitches will cause...)
5.  I don't know how many people know this:  Each 1 hour show took 65-80 hours [ as I typed that, I saw 5 geese fly across my window..] to produce.  That includes conception (estimating that piece, impossible to know), research, writing, interviews [note:  this includes calls, travel time, getting lost, etc.] editing, mixing, assembling, burning and delivering discs, and / or uploading to my website...  And some bleeding, sweating, and crying mixed in there (with the laughing)!
6.  Since I produced 7.5 hours of completed work, plus this 4 min's and 59 sec's, and since, as I said, each show takes 65-80 hrs (let's call it 73) to completely produce, that's a total of approximately 547.5 hrs of audio production done in 9 months (which is also the number of months it takes for gestation for human birth!!!!), which is about 61 hours per month...  I'm being approximate here because there are other variables like segments I did that were not a full hour show, interviews I did that are not produced (YET), etc...
7.  Sometimes when I think about this, it raises some questions for me, like....

*why am I not yet dead from this!?
*is there such a thing as an honorary degree, at least in time management, if not radio production?
*would someone check my pulse to make sure I'm really _not_ dead?

[---There are more serious questions  --See below....]

8.  That all means that this here little sample in this post represents about SIX-HUNDRED hours, compressed into FIVE minutes.  Having read the above, you can now imagine how giddy I was when, this morning at about 4am, I had pared this assembly down to about 7 minutes, and could see how it was going to be deliciously possible to get it down to the requisite 5 mins.....

Back to those questions...  The answers have something to do with love and intention. 

The truth is that I think we should all be wondering how it is we're not dead yet, not because of work we love and use for the intention to save the world, (which is my answer to the above questions), but we should wonder why we are still alive, since the culture we're in is killing us and the rest of the world, and this work is just a small piece of what's necessary to stop the destruction... 

The real serious questions, (AND the MATH that REALLY MATTERS) to ask are: 

**Will there be clean water, fresh air, a living landbase, and thriving nonhuman communities on this planet, in 10, 30, 50, 100, 200 yrs from now? 
**What are we doing to ensure the answer to that question is YES. ?

Those questions MUST BE ASKED in the face of the destruction we are facing, as noted in the three examples below....

1.  Wildlife Populations 'Plummeting'.... Between a quarter and a third of the world's wildlife has been lost since 1970, according to data compiled by the Zoological Society of London....  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7403989.stm

--Compare that with this piece of the picture...:

2.  Global Military Spending Soars 45 Percent in 10 Years...  Published on Monday, June 9, 2008 by Agence France Presse

3.  Dead Zones Grow in the Gulf of Mexico (How U. S. farming policy leads to 'dead zones,' huge marine areas where nothing can grow By Kent Garber Posted June 6, 2008)  http://www.usnews.com/articles/news/national/2008/06/06/dead-zones-grow-in-the-gulf-of-mexico.html?s_cid=et-0609  [SEE PHOTO BELOW]

I hope you like this Radio Roxanne Sample  (and I hope the panel likes it, too....)

Here's what's in it:

--Intro Sample
--Promo Sample
--Voice of Guest Sample
--Vigil / Person on the Street Sample
--Riot-in-a-Mic Sample
--Event Promo Interview Sample
--Dramatic Voice Narration Sample
--Person-on-the-Street Sample
--Fun-With-the-Phone Sample
--I Love My Mom Sample
--Outro Sample

That is all!

Thank you, and thank the moon for being full today!!!

-Roxanne (scroll over the image below...)
Over-fishing and demand for their fins as a 'delicacy' have hit shark numbers
* * *
listen! - 5 min. riot-in-a-mic! http://www.spiritmorphstudio.com/radioroxanne11-07-07.htm
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They are made in a stream-of- consciousness manner--In other words, I play with pre-existing images and, using paint, pencils, oils, pastels, etc., create new images. The result surprises me and the titles often arrive in the same stream-of-consciousness way as the images...

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