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Sometimes history stirs our creative impulse to shape our own lives.

The abolitionist and suffragist Harriet Tubman (also the 1st woman to lead an armed expedition in the civil war), born in 1822, said, "Liberty or death:  If I could not have one, I'd have the other."

As Tubman died in 1913, she said, "I go to prepare a way for you." --An echo of her life's work.  Author Beverly Lowry wrote the book, __Harriet Tubman, Imagining a Life__, published by Doubleday Books  http://www.amazon.com/Harriet-Tubman-Imagining-Beverly-Lowry/dp/0385721773/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1216376766&sr=1-1 .  In the following book review, Karima Amin reflects on how Lowry's book prepares the way for all of us to, paraphrasing historian Howard Zinn, "imagine what radical change requires of us all...."

Native Buffalonian, KARIMA AMIN, is a storyteller, who performs with TRADITION KEEPERS: BLACK STORYTELLERS OF WNY; a drummer, who performs with DAUGHTERS OF CREATIVE SOUND; and a justice advocate, who is the founder/director of PRISONERS ARE PEOPLE TOO! The HARRIET TUBMAN HOLIDAY COMMISSION honored her this year with its “COMMUNITY SERVANT AWARD.”  More information:  http://www.aclearwebcreation.com

Author Beverly Lowry and storyteller Karima Amin will both be present today, Friday, 18, July, 2008, at the Albright Knox Art Gallery for the Buffalo Book Fair.  More information at http://www.albrightknox.org or by calling 716-882-8700.

Listen here: 

Thank you for listening!


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Handcraft '98
4.625" x5.75"
Original (framed):NOT FOR SALE

These are a series of mixed media collages that use found images such as postcards and greeting cards.

They are made in a stream-of- consciousness manner--In other words, I play with pre-existing images and, using paint, pencils, oils, pastels, etc., create new images. The result surprises me and the titles often arrive in the same stream-of-consciousness way as the images...

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