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This Labor Day holiday weekend I labored on...
... Edition FOUR of Radio Roxanne:
Title: "Tools Mightier Than the Sword"
--"Planet Mover Portrait": Emanuel (Manny) Fried, (--now NINETY THREE and still kickin'! Generously met with me ON Labor Day!!) -- actor, playwrite, novelist, professor, community educator, labor activist of 60 yrs (black-listed in the McCarthy Era by the so-called House Un-American Activities). Manny has two productions onstage now or soon to happen: The Dodo Bird (he wrote this), and The Memory Garden, written by Rebecca Ritchie, and starring Manny with Rozlyn Cramer. Here's more info on Manny: http://www.autodidactproject.org/other/mfried/home.html
... Here's more info on The Dodo Bird: Road Less Traveled Productions... 55 Harper Road, Amherst, NY 14226... (716) 629-3069  www.roadlesstraveledproductions.org ...... THE DODO BIRD... September 8 – October 8 Thurs., Fri. & Sat. at 8 p. m., Sun. at 2 p. m.... Written by Buffalo’s own Emmanuel Fried and directed by Scott Behrend.... Starring Gerry Maher, Greg Natale, Dan Walker and Jermaine Cooper.... A dramatically funny play that rings true for blue-collar America. It shows the touching story of a man (Dodo Bird) whose existence is questioned. There is leadership rivalry that spins out of control within this "union" environment.... Will be performed at the Market Arcade Film & Arts Center, Theatre #4... Tickets $20 - $25
... And here's more info on the Memory Garden: Gerald Fried Theatre Company... 1064 Amherst St., Buffalo, NY 14216... THE MEMORY GARDEN... By Buffalo’s prize-winning playwright Rebecca Ritchie... September 20 – Oct 1st... Performed at the Main Street Cabaret, 672 Main Street (716) 852-2600, ext. 0... World premiere of powerful love drama. Dealing with contemporary issues associated with vibrant aging: -- love, loss, self-esteem and public recognition -- successful landscape architect Miriam Eisen (Rosalind Cramer) -- now ill -- after 40 years of marriage to prominent civil rights attorney Ben Eisen (Manny Fried) questions if it was worth the pain and whether they still love each other." Tickets: $25 Google curtain up buffalo new york and or go to: http://www.curtainupbuffalo.com/Curtain_Up_2005/curtain_up_theatres.htm
--The "Planet Rox-n-Rolls" segment, (our community action for social justice component) is an interview with Abraham Kenmore, who started Paper And Pencils For All
(PAPFA), when he was EIGHT (see how it all starts?!!!!). Abe is now 11 years old and his organization is celebrating it's more-than-two-years in existence. PAPFA is a project that delivers paper and pencils --and other school supplies-- to disadvantaged youths and underfunded schools nationally and internationally.
-- The "Vigil Watch"-- I exhausted all local vigil representatives in the first three shows, so I went to CA for Edition 4: I got to practive using my phone interface device (Yay! I did it without a hitch on Saturday!) and had a digitally recorded interview with Elke Heitmeyer, co-organizer of "Neighbors for Peace and Justice", based in Los Angeles, CA. Like Women in Black, Buffalo, they gather weekly, but as you'll hear, they have quite a different approach to their vigils... It's roudy and decidedly in your face, right on the suburban streets "In the Valley" sprawl outside LA. There's even a band that often accompanies them, named, humorously enough, "playing in traffic" and much to my delight I found them at myspace! Here's a link for you to hear their wonderfully playful tunes: http://www.myspace.com/playingintrafficla I can here The Cramps, Dylan, the B52's, and Mahler (just joking!) in their influences... She also sent me this terrific link to a guerilla activist site and performance called, "Billionaires for Bush" They do radio performances, and I missed it on Labor Day, but this link has all sorts of interactive features, so check it out: http://billionairesforbush.com/index.php -- It's KPFK: Pacifica, Baby!!!
--Our guest "Rioter-in-a-Mic" is Terrance A. Robinson, with a prose poem called, "Mindless", and holds a mirror to the "Coulter-ites", following her book, __Godless__
All this and more on Radio Roxanne, Saturday, September 23rd, 3pm...
.... Radio Roxanne, Where Radio Rox the Planet, with conversations from the streets of Buffalo and beyond, mapping the intersection of work and life, arts and politics, people and the planet...
Call 1-800-ROX-0715 for music requests, suggestions, comments, and questions...
Radio Roxanne needs sponsors, so let us know if you are interested in supporting independently produced radio! Stay tuned for more updates...
Though it's pre-recorded, it will stream in live time, so if you are not in Bflo and you're near a computer, you can hear it that day!

Likes to Laugh And...'94
18" x 24"
Original (framed):$950

Expressing joy in self-portraiture is a challenge.

This is part of the series "Self Portraits in Reds," exploring the relationship of personal existence to the color red and explores the various meanings attached to the color red in our culture. Red is often interpreted as a color of anger and violence. This is a re-interpretation of meaning: Red as passion, as spirituality, as love, as personal power, as blood, and as a life-giving-force.

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