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Please remember the time and day slot change for Radio Roxanne-- to SUNDAYS at TEN AM....

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Edition Five of Radio Roxanne: SUNDAY--OCT 22--10am

Title: "The Apple and the Tree"

We'll meet with 'the tree': a woman who's turning 90 in Oct, a teacher, visual artist, and activist for peace and social justice, and her son--'the apple'--near half her age, who's not fallen far from the tree, as they say in idiom-land...

--"Planet Mover Portrait": One of Radio Roxanne's obsessions is the exploration of how people become who we are, how communities grow from that and what continuity is available; what is sustainable given that context. This will be one of those shows that explores this through a conversation with Mother and son team Nancy and Kevin Hayes.

--The "Planet Rox-n-Rolls" segment, (our community action for social justice component) is an interview with Abraham Kenmore, who started Paper And Pencils For All
(PAPFA), when he was EIGHT (see how it all starts?!!!!). Abe is now 11 years old and his organization is celebrating it's more-than-two-years in existence. PAPFA is a project that delivers paper and pencils --and other school supplies-- to disadvantaged youths and underfunded schools nationally and internationally. I missed out on getting Abe on last show, ran out of time, so, he's on for this show...

-- The "Vigil Watch"-- Film-maker, painter, activist, and video artist Vincenzo Mistretta www.thericecooker.net , www.wibbuffalo.org www.buffalo.edu/~vm3 , who filmed Women in Black Buffalo for the past SIX years of WiB-Bflo's continuing existence, has left Buffalo to pursue a Fulbright Fellowship in Rome, where he will work on a study of Women in Black there and in Europe. I recorded a good farewell conversation with him a couple of weeks ago, at the last vigil he attended before leaving town...

--Our guest "Rioter-in-a-Mic" is poet and activist Liz Mariani, www.lizmariani.com ; http://www.myspace.com/transitisamindstate with a prose poem about her apple-ness with her own Italian paisani-tree, and about place as related to personal identity...

Music will include Playing in Traffic's "Stop this War", and a tune from Michael Meldrum's recently released album... and a variety of other music I will keep you posted about as we get closer to show-time!

All this and more on Radio Roxanne, SUNDAY, October 22rd, 10am...

.... Radio Roxanne, Where Radio Rox the Planet, with conversations from the streets of Buffalo and beyond, mapping the intersection of work and life, arts and politics, people and the planet...

Call 1-800-ROX-0715 for music requests, suggestions, comments, and questions...

Radio Roxanne needs sponsors, so let us know if you are interested in supporting independently produced radio! Stay tuned for more updates...

Though it's pre-recorded, it will stream in live time, so if you are not in Bflo and you're near a computer, you can hear it that day!

Likes to Laugh And...'94
18" x 24"
Original (framed):$950

Expressing joy in self-portraiture is a challenge.

This is part of the series "Self Portraits in Reds," exploring the relationship of personal existence to the color red and explores the various meanings attached to the color red in our culture. Red is often interpreted as a color of anger and violence. This is a re-interpretation of meaning: Red as passion, as spirituality, as love, as personal power, as blood, and as a life-giving-force.

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